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Medinspector is a Russian brand that produces cosmetic and dermatological products for specific tasks, tailored to your needs, combining scientific achievements and trends.

The brand's mission is to develop products with proven efficacy based on innovation, research and relevant experience.We understand the role appearance plays in self-esteem and confidence and we work hard to make you look great. We strive to take a holistic approach to problem solving. Each ingredient is skilfully selected to work in harmony with the nature of your skin and hair, which is the only way to achieve noticeable results that last.

One of the key features of the Medinspector brand is clinical testing and the involvement of experts in the creation of products. This allows us to ensure that the cosmetics are effective and safe to use. The products are subjected to tests that evaluate the effect of the product on hair and skin, as well as allergic reactions. This ensures the high quality and safety of the products.


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FRAUMADAMis a Russian brand of high quality care and hygiene products for women.We are inspired by the unique world we live in, by nature and, of course, by the beauty of women.

We are inspired by

The unique world we live in, by nature and, of course, by the beauty of women. All the brand's products are designed with the specific features of a woman's body in mind and are characterised by high quality and effectiveness. We use natural ingredients and precious oils, we do not use dyes, silicones or parabens, and we do not test cosmetics on animals.

Our goal is

Not only to provide skin care products, but also to help you become a more conscious consumer of beauty products. We are committed to open and transparent communication, sharing everything about our products.

Our mission:

To inspire women to love themselves and give them the special care and comfort of quality products.