Distribution Team



We structure our team and organisational framework so that each key function has a dedicated specialist. This increases productivity and quality of work.


We maintain flexible communication practices and are free from unnecessary procedures, allowing us to make quick decisions and respond promptly to market changes.


Our company focuses on simplifying and automating processes, both within the office and when working with partners. We create services that are highly convenient for our partners.


Our team consists of both promising newcomers and experienced professionals who have worked in some of the biggest and best companies in Russia. We invest in the professional development of our team and cultivate a unified corporate spirit.


We provide opportunities for every employee to develop their talents.


We encourage initiative and a proactive attitude. The win-win approach is our way of thinking in everything we do.

Our working group

Soldatov Kirill
Markushev Maxim
Executive Director
Ondrikova Olga
Deputy General Director
Bukreev Alexander
Head of Network Sales
Chernova Svetlana
Head of product department
Kashnikov Fedor
Head of E-COM department
Nazarova Olga
Head of Marketing
Platonov Vladimir
Head of 1C department
Mirzoev Dimtriy
Head of Wholesale Sales
Chastov Ivan
Head of Logistics
Olenin Alexey
Sales Development Manager at Ozon Marketplaces
Osmolovich Olga
Sales Development Manager at Wildberries marketplaces
Popov Roman
Key Account Manager
Galashev Stanislav
Wholesale Sales Manager
Moksheninova Victoria
Marketplace specialist
Malinskaya Elena
Financial analyst
Suslov Georgy
Gostik Valeria
Network sales coordinator
Egorova Varvara
Fulfillment Manager
Bobkova Nina
Fulfillment manager
Kravchuk Marina
Brand manager
Konnova Ksenia
Head of assortment and purchasing department
Borec Svetlana
Category manager
Popov Dmitry
Chief lawyer
Suleymanova Irina
Bykova Anna
HR business partner
Kalashnikova Polina
Trade marketer
Khachatryan Jemma
Junior Marketing Specialist
Faradzheva Polina
Assistant Brand Manager
Pechenkina Anastasia
Assortment and Purchasing Assistant
Okisheva Sofya
Senior Content Manager
Nevstrueva Anastasia
Junior Marketing Specialist
Nozdryakova Victoria
Assortment and Purchasing Assistant
Prusakova Marina
Procurement Specialist
Dunaeva Anastasia
HR specialist
We are young, constantly learning, flexible, and positive. We maintain great and friendly atmosphere within our team.


  • Sell more and better than others
  • Build a team of like-minded people
  • Explore markets and analyse new opportunities
  • Seek new partners
  • To develop sales and increase the company's revenue
  • Improve the skills of our employees
  • Apply new knowledge and gain experience
  • To lead and excel in all areas of the company's operations
  • To create new markets and employment opportunities
  • To create new opportunities for ourselves, our partners and all stakeholders


Sales Department

We are constantly expanding our customer base; buying from us is beneficial and convenient.

FMCG Chain Management Department

We establish reliable communication between the manufacturer and the market network, resolve any disputes and use all available tools to increase sales.

E-commerce Department

There are no boundaries for us. We make products affordable anywhere in the world.

Logistics Department

We deliver everything to everywhere. We store, collect, load and unload with precision, attention and speed.

Marketing Department

We do our best to ensure that products are sold quickly, in large quantities and at maximum profit.

Development Department

Send us your samples and we'll review them, negotiate, and make a purchase.

Procurement Department

We know how much product we need on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We make sure we have the right amount in stock.

Human Resource Department

We are always looking for professional and responsible people. The company is growing fast. There's a lot of work, it's interesting and intense.

We invite young specialists and professionals to join our friendly team