Introduction of goods into retail chains

We identify a list of chains in which your product can potentially be presented, and introduce the goods for sale in the shops of these chains, expanding the geography of presence, increasing turnover and profits.


Carrying out assortment selection

We determine which products from your assortment are suitable for introduction into retail chains based on their popularity, seasonality, cost of production and other factors. Assortment selection helps you focus your efforts on the most promising products.

Implementation of sales forecasts

We develop sales forecasting models for each product (SKU). We take into account historical data, current trends and factors affecting demand. This will help optimise inventory, reduce losses and ensure reliable deliveries.

Formation of the pricing model of each SKU

We formulate a pricing strategy for each product in the range, taking into account competitive prices, production costs, desired margins and retailers' expectations. The pricing model must be competitive and favourable to all parties.

Determination of transport and product logistics parameters

We deal with logistics and supply issues: we determine optimal delivery routes, stock levels, delivery times and storage conditions. Our goal is to ensure efficient logistics to minimise costs and guarantee on-time deliveries.

Establishing partnerships

We establish partnerships with retail chains. Our team negotiates with the buyers of retail chains to agree on the terms and conditions of your product input in terms of assortment and prices, delivery and logistics, marketing support and other aspects of co-operation.

EDI Setup

We work in an EDI system. The electronic document management system simplifies interactions with retailers, minimises paperwork, speeds up order processing and reduces the likelihood of errors.