Logistics in offline retail

Efficient management of the entire supply chain, from warehouse to shelf, is our task

We optimise supply so that the business of our manufacturing partners is successful.


Ensuring the storage and handling of goods in our warehouse

From sorting and packaging to labelling and storage, we provide all these steps in our modern logistics facility, equipped with advanced packaging and labelling equipment.

Formation of batches within the requirement of retail chains

We have developed a flexible strategy to form batches for each network individually. This allows us to optimise inventory, reduce costs and improve overall delivery efficiency.

Ensuring continuity of supplies

This includes optimising transport routes, preventing delays, updating availability information in a timely manner and responding instantly to changes in retailer demands.

Provision of additional packaging services

We can meet any of the chains' unique product packaging requirements. We provide additional packaging services that include labelling, changing packaging for shelf appeal, creating special packaging for promotions.