Offline retail marketing

We apply modern and effective marketing tools to increase recognition and develop sales in retail.We have competences and know what works in offline retail and what doesn't.


Analysing competitors

We carefully analyse competitors in the market, looking at what products they offer, their pricing, shop locations and their marketing strategies. This helps to highlight your competitive advantages and determine how you can attract consumers.

Conducting competitor analysis

We evaluate similar products on the market, determine what makes your product unique to the consumer, so that it can be distinguished from competitors and promoted more effectively.

Harmonising the format of the shelf presence

We decide and harmonise how your product will be presented on the shop shelf. This includes the choice of location on the shelf, the appearance of the product space, types of display (ends, promotional spaces and other aspects that will attract the attention of customers).

Analysis and pricing

We align pricing with your marketing strategy and your market position, taking into account competitive pricing and the expectations of your target audience.

Development of promotional calendar (ABL, BTL, promotions)

We form and coordinate a promotional calendar including above-the-line (ABL) and below-the-line (BTL) events, as well as promotions, special offers, advertising campaigns, public events and other activities that we subsequently implement to attract customers and increase sales.

Ensuring merchandising on the shelf

We shape the correct and attractive placement of your products on the shelf. For this purpose, we develop planograms, provide the networks with all the necessary information materials and monitor them. We organise regular merchandising directly in the shops.