We analyse and forecast clearly to better understand customers, predict trends and stay competitive in the dynamic e-commerce industry

For online retail, we use the latest analytical tools.


Competitor analysis

Analytics allows you to track competitors' activities, pricing policies and marketing promotions. This helps you adapt your strategies to stay competitive.

Pricing analysis

Analytics can be used to study competitors' pricing policies, optimise your own pricing, study the impact of price on demand, and determine the optimal prices to maximise profits.

Niche analysis

Understanding your niche and analysing the competitive landscape within it will help you identify your competitive advantages and create unique offerings for your customers.

Analysis of the assortment matrix

Analytics helps determine which products in the range are most in demand and which product categories should be added or removed. This helps to optimise the range and  increase overall sales efficiency.

Sales geography

By analysing data on customer location and delivery points, we can optimise logistics, choose the most efficient delivery methods and expand our geographical presence in the market.

Analysing the company's rating

Monitoring and analysing customer ratings and feedback allows you to monitor your reputation and work to improve your service, as well as compare your results with your competitors.

ABC analysis

Analysis to identify unprofitable products in the assortment matrix.