Efficient work in FBS and FBO systems, rational distribution of goods to regional warehouses of marketplaces, a set of measures aimed at the fastest possible receipt of goods by the buyer.

We organise logistics processes so that you receive your products as quickly as possible.


Fulfilment (warehousing services)

Fulfilment — full support of goods logistics, receiving, storage, collection, distribution, delivery, additional packaging, labelling, taping, packing.

Uninterrupted deliveries to the marketplace warehouse

We ensure reliable and uninterrupted delivery of products We ensure efficient distribution of products to the maximum number of warehouses and marketplaces. We carry out cyclical chains of product deliveries. We effectively manage the turnover of products. We control the turnover and remnants of products.

Product packaging and barcoding

We pack and barcode products in accordance with market requirements. Our logistics complex is equipped with modern packaging and labelling equipment.