A set of activities and strategies designed to promote and sell goods or services through online stores and platforms.

We have an advanced team of marketplace, digital and trade marketers that enable us to attract, retain and grow our customer base and improve the profitability of our business in the online environment.


Market and competitor research

Effective marketing starts with a thorough understanding of your target audience and competitor analysis. Research current trends, customer interests and competitor strategies.

Advertising and promotion

Launching advertising campaigns and promotions, designing banners and brand zones, promoting product cards in searches will help you attract customers' attention and increase conversions.

Social media marketing

Attract external traffic through social media, bloggers and Influencers.

Reputation management and feedback

Managing customer feedback and reputation by handling complaints and encouraging positive feedback.

Analytics and optimisation

Continuous analysis of data and metrics allows you to optimise your marketing efforts, identify successful strategies and make adjustments where necessary.