The product card in online retail is the key to successful sales. It is the one that shows the face of the product, tells the potential buyer about it, helps differentiate it from the competition and makes the choice.


Development of design and infographics for product cards

We create cutting-edge product cards that sell. We use the best tricks, cases, infographics and images to create them.We analyse the target audience in detail and highlight the unique features of the products to make the buying decision easier.

Creation and placement of product cards

We are experts in the customisation of product cards for each market individually.

High-quality photos and videos

We have a large production department. We know how to make cool photos and sales videos, unboxings, trailers, commercials.

SEO optimisation and mobile adaptation

We are constantly working on the SEO of product cards. We know how to advertise on keywords with different frequencies. We will bring your product to the first pages of search.

Managing product cards

We not only control the efficient distribution of goods and balances on marketplaces. We also constantly monitor competitors' products, regulate pricing and keep an eye on improving the rating of product cards. We regularly update content and improve SEO.

Analytics and testing

We monitor data on which product cards are the most popular and which drive more conversions, and we continually test different card designs. Our analysis process is automated: we use 1C integration with marketplaces, the best price parsing programs and sales data capture software.